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take a deep

"First words, first steps, coral casino new beginnings, new commitments, rehonouring old commitments, at work or at play, having fun and being full of joy and innocence. A passionate look, a longing look, or just a look into another’s eyes, seeing a little bit of the soul beneath…..."

"These are all moments in our lives too quickly swept eldorado casino away by the continual marching of time. Moments that should be cherished and captured so that they can take our breath away time after time."

Robert Dann's Signature

Described as an accomplished people photographer, Robert'’s captivating images are alive with the emotion and charm of our lives. The thrill and elation between a Bride and Groom is palpable. A family's joy, spirit and sense of identity. The sense of wonderment and energy that defines childhood . A woman's innate beauty, confidence and sensuality. You can almost touch all the emotion and spirit of our lives as it is captured forever in Robert's distinctive contemporary style.

Blessed with a creative eye for detail and a somewhat avant garde approach, Robert captures striking, hauntingly beautiful images, turning life into art. robertdann PHOTOGRAPHY is poignant, playful, and highly personal.
Robert's pictures don't speak volumes. They speak lifetimes.